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Excellent Work
  · 2 years ago.
I contacted Tim to address a couple of dents that mysteriously appeared on the roof of my BMW after it was driven by my son.  Based on the photos I had sent to him Tim provided a reasonable estimate, but explained that he would need to see the damage in person to confirm the final price.  
Tim came by to review the vehicle which was parked outside while I was at work and called to confirm pricing.   Once I gave the go ahead he arranged a time to to come back to remove the dents and followed up with a phone call to ensure I was happy with the work.  It must be noted that the work was done in the rain and in my driveway while I was at work.  He also ensured that my son who was home at the time also had a chance to review what was done.
The work was done flawlessly and I cannot tell at all where the dents had been located!  In addition he had noticed and removed another small dent on another area of the car at no extra cost.  To say I was blown away by the quality of work, pricing and level of professionalism is an understatement.
Very highly recommended!
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