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Glue Pulling Dents

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Severe Dent Damage on a drivers door that was turned away from the competition for being too sharp and in a poor location on the door where there was no access. We informed our client we could bring the damage out using Glue Pulling Techniques

This dent damage was on the drivers door and the door was high strength steel. The damage was also over an interior crash brace that made conventional Paintless Dent Repairs a little more difficult for a deep sharp dent to remove. We informed our client we could glue pull the damage and promised 70% to 80% repair. 

Glue Pulling Techniques are much the same as conventional PDR only we are pulling the damage from the outside of the panels compared to massaging/pushing from behind the damage. Specially designed glue for different temperatures and different damages is used along with specific glue tabs that come in different shapes, sizes and for specific dent damages. This damage we used Black Plague crease tabs and Tab Weld Glue. 

Because the damage was covered by a crash brace and the depth of the damage we decided glue pulling was the best option. And the fact that the client was told it was better if he had gone to a body shop for repairs we were prepared to make this a successful PDR repair. Glue pulling can take more time than conventional PDR but trained dent techs in glue pulling can bring dent damages back to factory finishes.

This repair was a couple of hours total to bring back and clean up and we achieved 90% repair,and the client was convinced it was over 120% repair.

glue pulling dents

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Glue Pull Dents