Glue Pulling Dents

Keco Tools Glue Pulling

by Dent Transformer

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When the Dent Damage is turned away by other dent companies we never say no.

Weather there is access or no access to remove dents on your vehicle our go to source is always GPR, Glue Pull Repair with Keco Tabs and Tools.

This client found Dent Transformer online recently and when we got the online estimate there was no doubt the 3 dents on his rear quarter panel could be removed 100%.
No need to research the vehicle and no second thoughts. Our first option for this damage was GPR, Glue Pull Repair. While at the customers home we were informed he had tried others and told no access to these dents.
This conversation was when the process was almost complete and 10 minutes later he was called back to the car and said ok done. The clients first words were where can I leave a review.