Auto Dent Removal

Large Dent Damage on Rear Deck Lid 2015 Ford Escape

by Dent Transformer

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Remember to consider Paintless Dent Removal or also known as PDR when you find dents and dings on your vehicle.

We are able to do more than dings and little dents and I do look forward to a challenge whenever the opportunity arises when a large repair arrives. This type of damage was done as a mobile service at the clients home and was same day service. Fast, efficient and effective. If this damage had been taken to a body shop, would have been very costly to repair and blend pearl white paint. And the client would be without his vehicle for a week at the minimum.

Read over what Dent Transformer has to offer and consider trying PDR next time you have a damaged vehicle. If the paint is still in tack chances are large damage like this vehicle can be brought back to the factory finish like it never happen in the first place.

If you would like an estimate please select the link at the top main menu and send in the information required along with photos of the damage. .