Dent Damage Honda Hood

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Brand new 2015 Honda Civic with Hood Damage

Paintless dent removal or also called PDR is an extremely specialized process that utilizes specially fabricated tools designed to gain access behind the damaged panel. Pressure is applied to the dented areas while meticulously massaging, manipulating and reforming the metal back into its pre-accident condition.

Damage like this hood would most likely head right to a body shop after this happens. But most customers to not like what they hear and research other options.This client did not want to spend 2500.00 for a new hood and repaint.The car was only a couple months old.

Dent Transformer spent 4 hours removing the damaged hood dent and the customer was very impressed with the quality of PDR and the fact that he didn't have to spend body shop prices. He dropped his car off and went to work, a few hours later he had to leave work early and run back after we called and said you are ready to pick up your car. This is the biggest savings when deciding PDR or Body Shop.

Paintless Dent Removal