Auto Dent Removal Lexus

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Auto Dent Repair Lexus Rear Quarter

This client had done his research and was determined to have Paintless Dent Removal or PDR services after he found a car dent on his vehicle. He did what most do and researched all local PDR business and found car removing dents videos and knew what he wanted. He was turned away from his first option of PDR business as they told him it was not something that could be done. And he would need a body shop and paint.

Not all Dent Technicians are equal when it comes to this type of damage and fixing dents. Some techs specialize in hail damages, some door dings and dents, some motorcycle dents.

When Dent Transformer received the estimate for this damage we replied back with a ballpark quote until seen in person. The next day we were on sight at the clients place of business fixing dents damage. This repair took app 4 hours to bring back to factory finish and we promised 80% prior to beginning. The client was amazed and said that's not 80% it's more like 95% as he could not tell we were even on sight and like the damage never happen in the first place.

Choose PDR and Paintless Dent Repair when you have dents and dings. Contact us for an estimates, select Estimate from the top menu bar and enter all necessary information from your cell phone or tablet. Its that simple.

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