Severe Car Dent Repairs

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Severe Dent Removal
Large and or Small Dents, we remove them and love hearing it cannot be done. Give us your challenge.

There is two common methods of Paintless Dent Removal, Glue Pulling and Conventional PDR. The differences are this: one is done from the outside of the panels and one from the inside of the panels.

On the nice Mini Convertible that got a really nasty rear quarter panel dent we moved most of this damage by GPR, Glue pulling Repair. When most of the deepest damage was up we then moved to conventional PDR with specialized rods that best maximised our efforts in massaging the panel back to factory shape.

When arriving at the clients home we were met with the common questions. She had her vehicle at a body shop for an estimate, actually 4 body shops and kept being told there is no way it can be done by PDR.

Challenge Accepted !! extreme.dents big.dents dent.repairs dent.removal dent.transformer