Elim A Dent

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Elim a Dent has become a household name in our industry

Dent Transformer would like to take this time to thank James Lee of Elim a Dent tools for the PDR Industry.James has built his tool business on quality, customer service and workmanship.

Not only does Elim a Dent carry some of the most popular tools in the industry he has revolutionized the way dent techs work today.Not so many years ago we were working with florescent lights and then came the LED strip lights and custom made cordless lights. Yes cordless, at one time we had cords attached to our PDR lights and always looking for a way to plug them in while out in the field doing mobile service.

As you can see in the photo we cannot wait to try our new lights out when they arrive, not even a snow storm will stop us. If you want a company that has a trademark for customer service then shop with Elim as you will be presently surprised at how well you are looked after not only before and right after taking your money but years to come even after the cash is banked.

I cannot say enough about Elim a Dent and James Lee. All that's left is check his website out and have a look around. If you don't have Elim a Dent tools right now your not a dent tech.

Website: http://elimadenttools.com