Bumper Dent Removal

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Plastic Bumper Dent Removal damage on rear bumper.

Dent Transformer looks after this type of bumper dent damage everyday in Toronto and areas. It is very common for PDR on this type of damage and contrary to what you may read or view on the internet it still takes talent and experience in dent repair to remove plastic bumper dents.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) eliminates the need for fillers, primer, and paints used in conventional auto body repair. Without the use of any harsh chemicals, Paintless Dent Removal prevents unnecessary harm to the environment while also retaining your vehicles value by keeping the factory finish intact.

Plastic bumper dent removal requires a technique of heating and massaging the plastic back into factory shape. Not all plastic bumpers are the same. Not all painted plastic bumpers are the same. Some paints release oils and change color and texture of painted plastics and always require an experienced PDR technician.

If you have unsightly front and rear plastic bumper dents please contact us with the year, make and model of your vehicle. Also include the color of vehicle and we will give you an estimate that will not break the bank.

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