Rear Bumper Damage on Matte Finish

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Paintless Dent Removal
Damage on rear matte plastic bumper

Paintless dent removal or also called PDR is an extremely specialized process that utilizes specially fabricated tools designed to gain access behind the damaged panel. Pressure is applied to the dented areas while meticulously massaging, manipulating and reforming the metal back into its pre-accident condition.

We are performing this work every day in Toronto. We are also able to come to you via our mobile services. Whether you have a truck, a car or a very special one of a kind vehicle we know how to treat each job as the most important job we’ll ever do. It’s all about excellent service, getting that extra special result for each customer that drives us. We have the experience to put it all back together so you’ll never even be able to tell where the dent was in the first place. It’s our ultimate goal to please each and every customer with outstanding service and results. The good news is we can fix dents and even big collision damage from light to extreme

Just let us know by going to our Estimate page and sending information about the damage including photos. We are Looking forward to helping you restore the finish on your car to pre-damage condition! Estimate option from the main menu, all information is listed that we will ask over a phone call or by email. Fill out the form and we will reply back as soon as possible. Select Schedule Repairs or Estimate once on page link.

Paintless Dent Removal