No Drill Policy

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No Drilling Cars

No Drilling Policy
Do not accept low cost PDR repairs on your vehicle. If you think your getting a great deal it could be too good to be true. You are the consumer, you have the right to ask how the repairs will be completed. You have the right to watch the repairs to your vehicle. Watch and ask if the PDR repairs involve drilling holes in your car, STOP. If holes were meant to be drilled in door edges or pillars the manufacturer would provide the holes.

Bad PDR Repairs and Hole found in a clients brand new car door

All to often we get called to a retail consumers home and asked can we fix the damages only to find someone has already tried. Finding one or more holes drilled in door jams and other areas. Most clients have no idea the hole was even made, only see the completed and or incomplete repairs. No reputable PDR business will drill a hole to complete repairs with or without your knowledge or consent.
Anytime a hole is drilled in your vehicle drill filings are created and fall inside and cannot be removed. Bare metal filings start the corrosion process inside of the door or pillars and will rust out the area. All vehicles have corrosion protection applied to the inner surface of all and every part of the vehicles panels and skins. If a PDR company must repair damages to your vehicle that have been done wrong usually that doubles the price tag.
Remember watch and ask how the repairs will be completed. Stress the issue you do not want holes drilled in your vehicle.
Read about Corrosion below. Steel filings from drilled holes, all it takes is bare metal and oxygen.
Below is an image of what HACKS claiming to be Dent Techs do to your car if you are not watching and asking. Watch your repairs and talk to the Dent Tech. Do No Let Him Send You Off Shopping

We Do Not Drill

Why does corrosion take place?
The special characteristic of most corrosion processes is that the oxidation and reduction steps occur at separate locations on the metal. This is possible because metals are conductive, so the electrons can flow through the metal from the anodic to the cathodic regions.

How does corrosion of steel occur?
The corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process that requires the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. Essentially, the iron in the steel is oxidised to produce rust, which occupies approximately six times the volume of the original material.

Watch our video and what happens to drill shavings