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Educating our Clients on Myths and Advertising.Taking pride in our services and offering great Dent Removal

What happens when clients learn and watch myths and fiction on the internet. It is everywhere, easy to find and Google can be your best friend or our worst enemy. Recently we were contacted by a client on a Sunday morning with a call asking for Suction Dent Repair. Hearing this term all too often from curious clients while we are working on vehicles or with a client at his/her home/office we always ask. How and why. How have you learned of the term suction. And everyone always replies with we seen it on YouTube.

Facts and Myths
Anyone and everyone will add videos to YouTube and do what ever it takes to gain media attention, gain traffic to there channel. Do Not Feed into this misconception of Paintless Dent Repair. This trade is an ART and it takes many years for one dent technician to perfect the ART of PDR. It is not something that comes over night, or after watching someone in a video and attempting DIY on your own car.

So what happens when a client calls in and asks for something we are very used to hearing each day. "I need Suction Dent Repair" we ask did you see this on YouTube. Have you watched dent repair on YouTube. Usually the answer is always yes but this time it was asked 3 times, can I get "Suction Dent Repair" and when we said no sorry we do not do "Suction Dent Repair" and asked if he watched YouTube, the client hung up the phone and went right to Google Reviews to leave a negative review. We post all of our reviews on the website so here is our most recent review. I guess it's fare to say asking about YouTube did not go over well.Bijan Sh

Well we received a negative review by Mr Bijan Sh. It's ok as lower reviews help to build our SEO and presence online. But what is bad about this is uneducated clients and misleading information all over the internet. If you want information on PDR or Paintless Dent Repair ask the professionals. Ask dent technicians that are performing these procedures each day. Do Not Rely on useless information and home make videos on YouTube.

I would like to apologize that you feel as though someone spoke condescendingly to you. We always try to take an educational approach with all of our clients. We provide mobile as well as shop based repairs. If our listing online was misleading I also would like to apologize for that. I would be more than happy to take a look at your damage at your convenience to let you know exactly what we can do and how we would perform the repair. It is a very common misconception that suction is used in the PDR process. Again, my sincerest apologies and I would love the opportunity to try and make this right for you. Our listing online states by appointment only and for that reason it we are also mobile and this time of year rarely in the shop.

We are performing this work every day in your area. We are also able to come to your home or place of work via our mobile services A. The most important goals when we do a repair of any dent B. Excellent service C. Getting that extra special result

We are performing this work every day in Toronto and surrounding areas. We are also able to come to you via our mobile services. Whether you have a truck, a car or a very special one of a kind vehicle we know how to treat each job as the most important job we’ll ever do. It’s all about excellent service, getting that extra special result for each customer that drives us. We have the experience to put it all back together so you’ll never even be able to tell where the dent was in the first place. It’s our ultimate goal to please each and every customer with outstanding service and results. The good news is we can fix dents and even big collision damage from light to extreme!


Just let us know by going to our Estimate page and sending information about the damage including photos. We are Looking forward to helping you restore the finish on your car to pre-damage condition!

  • The most important goals when we do a repair of any dent
    Excellent service
    Getting that extra special result


We are confident that by using our experience to put it all back together so you’ll never even be able to tell where the dent was in the first place.