Common Dent Damage

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Dent Repair

Damage we see on a daily basis and risky but doable.

Dent damage like this on a panels edge is always risky and most dent techs will not attempt it. If you don't push your limits your not going to learn life challenges. We took this damage on and it turned out at about 90%

What's risky in this type of repair is the edge of any panel, door, fender, the paint will not always take the stress of movement and can chip off or crack. There is always risk but if performed properly and slowly with the right techniques it can be done

In this case if the customer did not elect to use PDR or did not find us he may have ended up going to a body shop. This repair would have been very expensive but not for the size of the damage. The area involved to repaint would have been the complete rear quarter panel and cost approximately 3000.00 on a brand new vehicle and blending the paint would be most of that value

It is reasons like this that Paintless Dent Repair is and should be your only option to dent repair. Think of the costs involved, what you are going to save in money and time. This damage was done in 1 hour compared to maybe 1 week body shop. It a win win situation for any client with a dented vehicle.