Nasty Large Dents

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Large Dents
Looks large and Yes it is fixable. We love large dents.

Large dent damage like this can a challenge but it also can be easier to repair than a quarter sized dent. At Dent Transformer we enjoy doing large dent repairs and most times it is turned away from other dent companies.We rarely send anything away unless the paint is missing or there would be no chance on making it 100% in our eyes.There are many damaged vehicles on our website that were turned away by the competition and we took the challenge to finish the repair.

If you are one of the millions of drivers on the road here in Toronto you are going to experience dents and dings eventually. Vehicle owners and especially “leased” vehicles want to know more about Paintless Dent Removal or PDR. Every car owner has experienced damage to their car and the first thing you think of is body shop. We are here to help and change this misconception. If this damage looks like something you have dealt with or have presently why not contact us and get an estimate.You maybe presently surprised at what your hear for a price and have no issues getting it fixed. Dent Transformer has never had a client say no that's too much unless they have found a no name dent repair business that would do this for next to nothing.

If you are shopping price over quality then Dent Transformer is not the PDR company for you. We pride ourselves on quality and walk away knowing we do not have to worry about an angry unhappy client. If you are not happy then there is no reason we should be charging you for our services.

So keep in mind when you reach us for dent removal. If we say it can be repaired and we give you an estimate, you can bet we will give you 100% of what your paying for. Contact us today by clicking the Estimate link at the top of the site or contact us by email.