PDR Glue Pulling vs PDR Who Will Win

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There is two main methods of Paintless Dent Removal The common methods of Paintless Dent Removal, Glue Pulling, Glue PDR or GPDR, and pushing from the back Conventional PDR. The differences are this: one is done from the outside of the panels and one from the inside of the panels. Which is better ?

Images below, is a great example of Glue Pulling Techniques we have been doing at Dent Transformer for the past 8 years and moved away from conventional PDR unless the dent damage really needs tools behind/inside to finish.

Glue pulling is the Future of PDR ( Paintless Dent Removal ) Each year new model vehicles pose issues with accessible holes and access points behind panels, example doors, rear quarter panels, roof panels. Inner braces, double lined skins all create problems to access dent damages on vehicles. 

Once Glue Pulling techniques have been perfected and learned the same way conventional PDR was learned over the years it becomes second nature to glue pull dent damages. 

Glue pulling has come a long ways over the last 6 years with new technology, new tools, new types of glue and every PDR tool manufacturer is busy improving tools and glues used by PDR Technicians. If your interested in Glue Pulling Technology inquire with us when booking an appointment online. Chances are when we arrive to remove your dent damages we will be using Glue Pulling Techniques







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