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What You Need To Know About PDR if You Own a Car

Do you own a car or maybe you have leased, even car rentals. There is always a need for PDR and you are going to get that nasty dent or ding on your vehicle eventually. Most of you haven’t heard of PDR and you’re wondering what is PDR? All car owners see that nasty dent on their car and the first thing that comes to mind, Body Shop, No Car For A Week, Expensive Repairs, Smelly Stinky Mess After, How Will I Get To Work. A little background information of Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Dent Repair.

PDR has been around for many years, even before most of you were born. And even before dent technicians had tools to remove dents from panels car manufactures were removing dents from new vehicles on the assembly line with spoons. Paintless Dent Removal is exactly what the term refers to, removing dents and dings from your vehicle without the need for re-painting. You want to keep the factory finish of the car and thus keeping the value. Once you do body shop repairs and repaint, the vehicles value lowers as soon as it’s repainted or panels replaced or filler used.

PDR has come a long way over the years with dent techs becoming better at what they do and tools have evolved also over the years. What do PDR technicians use to remove dents and dings? Well if you’re watching You Tube and trying PDR DIY tricks you won’t succeed and may have to call the local dent removal company in the end. Specialized tools and lights are necessary to do this work and a highly trained technician. Dent removal tools are specially designed and shaped for different parts of vehicles, different types of dents. Each dent on a car is different, it may look like just a dent or ding in your eyes but to a trained dent tech he/she can see how the dent is shaped, what way the dent needs to be repaired and in most cases even what caused the dent.

PDR tools and training is very expensive and it takes years of working in this trade to become good at what you do. Like any other trade first you get good and then you get fast. Most dent repairs can take 1 to 2 hours depending on the size and severity of damage. Large complex dent repairs can take up to a day or if you have suffered hail damage to your vehicle, you can expected a day or more but PDR will not leave you with a dust filled car and repainted panels as conventional body shops.

Why should I look into PDR for my Car Dent and Ding repairs:

PDR is approved and encouraged by insurance company’s over conventional repairs
PDR is cost effective and fast turnaround, most cases same day service
PDR keeps and retains the value of your vehicle
PDR is mobile, most dent company’s offer home and business service calls
PDR requires no vehicle damage reports when reselling your car, returning a lease
PDR will save you money in most cases when you compare it to conventional repairs
PDR is used and trusted by body-shops
PDR is used at all car dealers, new cars and used cars

Before running to the local body-shop and start to panic over the damage you see on your vehicle we suggest you check into PDR solutions. It’s a decision for you to make. We are not encouraging you to stay away from body shops just give PDR a try and keep an open mind on what it can do for you. If going to a body shop you have dealt with for years or know personally ask them about your options and if it can be repaired using PDR methods, that will be your first estimate.

Then get a second estimate from a Dent Repair Company. You research that large ticket item for your home, the new TV or the new computer. Research PDR business near you and if you’re watching You Tube please don’t think that looks easy I’m going to give it a shot. When you do have to call the local PDR company chances are it will cost you more in repairs or you may hear I’m sorry someone made too much damage to this and PDR is not an option. You may be surprised at what PDR can do for you.