Help to get a PDR Estimate

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You Need a PDR Estimate and Not Sure What to Do

Find Paintless Dent Removal Techs also referred to as PDR. As we move forward we will cover how to provide information for an estimate and what affects pricing. What can be fixed and not fixed. What to look for in great repairs and not so great. PDR specialties, dent removal techs also specialize in different areas of Paintless dent repair

As we mentioned PDR or Paintless Dent Removal is an ART. You are either amazing at what you do or in the learning curve of PDR or still growing.

Dents and Dings on your vehicle are the most common in PDR and have been repaired for over 60 years by PDR techs. Over the years methods of dent removal have evolved along with tools and training which allow techs to advance and move onto larger repairs.

You have found your PDR technician and need an estimate for dent removal on your vehicle. Some owners are hesitant to even contact anyone for vehicle repairs as the cost usually is not something anyone wants to hear or deal with. Well PDR is not anything like running to a local body shop and expecting a huge repair bill and being without your car for a week. Dent removal depending on where the damage is located and size of damage can be done the same day and at a much lower cost of that of body shops.

When a PDR tech prices out repairs for dent removal he/she is looking for the year make and model of the vehicle. This information will let the tech know what to expect for type of metal and paint used by the manufacturer. Types of metal used could be mild or heavy gauge, HSS, high strength steel or Aluminum. Both aluminum and HSS types will take longer to repair and cost slightly higher for repairs. Paints are another factor in PDR as car manufacturers all have their own paints. Some easy to work with and some not so easy.

Next step in your PDR estimate would be where the damage on the vehicle and size of damage is. If you are providing images to a PDR company for an estimate you will need to email pictures of your damage showing where it is located and a great view of the damage. Size and location will determine the cost of repairs as some areas are accessible and other areas with no access.  Size of damage and cost will start pricing at dime size, nickel size, quarter size, loonie or dollar size for example.

PDR Estimate Check List

  • Year, make, model of vehicle
  • Where on your vehicle is the damage
  • Is there any paint missing/cracked in or around the damage
  • What is the size of the damage? Example: Quarter size, 1 inch, 6cm
  • Pictures of the damage showing damage and panel on vehicle

Most car owners when pricing out PDR repairs will refer to their damage as a small dent and that’s always the case. You must be accurate in your pre estimate information and provide images that show the damage and where it is located. Your damage may only be noticeable from standing at the front of the car and not the back. This is light reflection and this is important when taking a picture for an estimate. The best way to take pictures for an estimate would be directly in front of the damage 3 to 4 feet away and another picture on a 45 degree angle and at the same distance.  

Remember the tech can always zoom in on your picture so no need to get that close up shot revealing microscopic fibers on the paint. After you take a picture of the damage be sure what you see in the photo is as exact as what you see without a camera. And remember PDR techs take great pride in their work and it is an ART.