Paintless Dent Repair in Toronto

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Paintless Dent Removal in Toronto Welcome to the most reviewed and reputable Paintless dent removal company in Toronto. PDR is the most preferred, trusted and fastest method for removing dents and dings in your vehicles panels without painting.

Paintless dent removal or also called PDR is an extremely specialized process that utilizes specially fabricated tools designed to gain access behind the damaged panel. Pressure is applied to the dented areas while meticulously massaging, manipulating and reforming the metal back into its pre-accident condition. How is PDR different from conventional auto body shops?

Paintless Dent Repair does not hide your damage with fillers, putty, steel patches, instead removes it from the backside of the panel without the use of paint fillers (body putty), sanding or repainting the vehicle. Body panels are not replaced and painted requiring blending into adjacent panels in order to match paint color and textures. PDR is the preferred “first choice solution” for auto dent and dings, large dents, creases, hail damage repairs. It’s also the only form of repair that retains the original body panels and factory or custom paint finish.

We understand some customers are always shopping around for the lowest price or a discount. We also understand that they may be unaware that PDR takes a lot of skill. Many years of training goes into Paintless Dent Repair and it’s not something that comes with a year in or even 5 years’ experience. We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose your Paintless Dent Removal business based on reputation and reviews. No matter how low the cost of the repair, it won’t have any significance if the quality isn’t excellent.

If you get an estimate for 150.00 from a great company and one for 50.00 from another please shy away from the lowest prices. At Dent Transformer, we have been taking tremendous pride for over 9 years perfecting our PDR trade. With the latest in tools and equipment. Our goal is to maintain the highest standard without sacrificing quality at an affordable price. If a company is offering discounts against another company you can be rest assured they will be taking short cuts in repairs to be able to cope with the time involved to do repairs. Please contact us today so we can put that pride back in your ride! Call or email us.