Brilliant Property Management is comprised of a group of individuals with varied but complimentary skill sets.

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Brilliant Property Management is comprised of a group of individuals with varied but complimentary skill sets. Our directors come from diverse backgrounds including condominium and industrial property management, and business consulting. Most of our directors have been on the boards of both national and international corporations. This experience has given us a unique skill set that we can use to help protect your investment, while making your home a happy and enjoyable place to live.

Finance for Condominium Management

Ensuring financial stability is crucial for any condominium. At BPM, we collaborate closely with the board to develop a tailored budget that aligns with the community's needs, striving diligently to achieve these financial targets.

Effective Communication in Condominium Management

Maintaining clear and effective communication is essential in managing condominiums. We are committed to being transparent and straightforward, ensuring all condo owners and residents are well-informed and actively engaged

Asset Management for Condominiums

Properly managing a condominium's physical assets begins with a solid foundation. We implement proactive maintenance that help prolong the lifespan of your building's components, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

Strategic Planning for Condominium Management

Strategic condominium management focuses on long-term vision. We prioritize resource allocation to boost operational efficiency and enhance property values, ensuring sustainable growth for condominium corporations.

Our checkered past

Brilliant Property Management got it’s start in 2002 when the building in which our president was living was going through a period of financial difficulty. The building was close to bankruptcy and had many urgently needed repairs, unpaid bills, and outstanding lawsuits. Units were selling for well under half the price of those in neighbouring buildings of the same age and style. It was clear that better condo corporation management was needed.

With the help of other owners, including future BPM founders, he was able to remove the old board of directors, avoid large special assessments that would have forced owners to sell, and has spent many years bringing the building back to a position of financial health. As word spread, owners and board members in other condominiums began asking for help, and Brilliant Property Management was born. Over the years we have helped other condominiums navigate similar obstacles, have obtained our ACMO2000 accreditation, and have helped to build stronger communities together.

Your Toronto Condo Corporation Management Company


Brilliant Property Management was founded by four people with diverse but complimentary skill sets. Our backgrounds are in property management, condo corporation management, entrepreneurship, business management, and even some adventure tourism. This gives us a different perspective on problems, and a better approach to solutions.



Stephen got his start managing condominiums when the building in which he lived went through a period of severe mismanagement due to a bad property management company. Stephen took over the board and spent years navigating one of the most complex recoveries in Toronto. His experience and expertise is matched by few in the industry. Stephen has his MBA, and a background in business and IT.



Perry brings with him over 30 years experience managing a manufacturing business with over 50 full time staff. His knowledge of building systems and his positive attitude toward problem solving have earned him a strong reputation with owners and board members alike. In addition to managing properties, Perry now uses his skills to train other employees. He is also a huge Leafs fan.


Eric is the current President of ACMO, where he focuses on designing advanced continuing education courses for property managers. He started his career as co-founder of a wilderness camping company that operated in Ontario and the Yukon. Taking groups of people on vacation to places without beds or bathrooms has given Eric a unique approach to problem solving, and eventually led him to calm down and run a property management firm.


Jeff has a long and extensive business background as president of a manufacturing firm that operated in the US and overseas. His entrepreneurial approach to business and focus on innovation have been essential in differentiating BPM from our competition. Jeff is also in charge of quality control, and has implemented several procedures to improve how the business is managed.

What we do

Financial Management

Collection of maintenance fees and arrears.

Payment to staff and vendors.

Creation of financial reports, customized based on your board’s needs.

Management of Pre-Authorized Payments.

Annual Budget and Audit Preparation.

Development of cost saving strategies to keep Operating budgets as low as possible.


Use different media to keep residents of all ages (and technological abilities) involved and up to date.

Respond to inquiries politely and in a timely manner.

Reduce bureaucracy whenever possible. We want owners to feel comfortable and engaged.

Keep dog treats in the office. Dogs are residents too.

Maintain a 24/7 emergency line.

Asset Management

Maintain all physical assets of the corporation in good working condition.

Track all repairs, as well as warranties, on our proprietary database.

Develop plans that keep components running as long as possible.

Perform repairs that increase energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.

Legal and Regulatory

Ensure the condominium is fully compliant with the new Condominium Act.

Creation of PICs, NOICs, ICUs, and other bureaucratic sounding acronyms.

Maintain good standing with the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO), The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO), and the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO).

Our Philosophy

1Honesty: We believe that a community deserves a property manager who will act honestly and in good faith, and provide advice that is in the best interest of the owners. Trust is a crucial part of the way we do business, and we strive to maintain a strong relationship through honesty and good faith.

2Hard Work: Sometimes the best solutions to a condominium's problems are difficult to implement. By-law and declaration changes, innovative fixes to avoid or postpone expensive projects, or any other not-so-simple solution are all on the table. Our goal is the give you the best solution, and not just the most convenient.


3Innovation: While technology cannot solve all of our problems, it can make us more productive and better at our jobs. With information at our fingertips, and the tools to see problems in a different lens, we have been able to respond faster and more accurately to any problem that comes up.

A better approach to condominium management


Sometimes in order to have a great idea, you need to think outside the box. At BPM we pride ourselves on finding condominium management solutions that others may not see. When faced with a problem, we try and look at it from every different angle, to see if there is a better solution. This means taking the time to learn about the issue, consulting with experts, and coming up with the best solutions. 

Above: 3D rendering of a building prior to a balcony restoration project. Rather than using a colour board, we thought the owners would have an easier time choosing from a realistic set of drawings. The last two were added in just for fun!

Our Condominium Management Team

It takes more than just a nice resume and an interview to become a property manager at BPM. Our search for new managers is never limited to the condominium management field, and we actively seek people with diverse skill-sets and education. We would rather train someone with a great attitude and who is eager to learn , than hire someone who has their training, but may be less enthusiastic. Regardless of where they come from, training at BPM is thorough, and not for the faint of heart:

  1. Team Approach: Once a manager is hired and obtains their limited license, we pair them with a senior manager and a project manager so that they can learn the trade without taking on too much responsibility. Since our company manages buildings in teams, new hires have a lot of learning opportunities without putting your building at risk. We never leave our new hires to fend for themselves, regardless of experience and training.
  2. Boot Camp: Once the new manager has gotten her feet wet, we get started with the official training. In addition to enrolling the new manager in the ACMOcourses (if they have not already done them), we have our own in-house courses that cover a wide range of topics.
  3. Learning by Doing: At BPM we believe in experiential learning, and use real life examples to teach new skills. If something goes wrong at one of our properties (yes, it does happen occasionally) we involve all of our new hires and break down what happened and what could have been done differently. Our new hires are encouraged to participate, even if the case did not involve them directly. This type of training is ongoing, regardless of education, experience, or rank in the company.
  4. Attitude: Despite the training we put them through, our managers' most valuable asset is not their education. Our managers are hired for their attitudes and their willingness to learn and improve their skills. This is not something that can be taught, so when we find it we hold on to it for dear life! So far, none of our staff have ever quit or left the company. This is what makes our service stand out, and what makes us so unique in the industry.

We see more, so we can do more


At BPM, we invest in whatever tools are necessary to do the job in the best way possible.

Pictured: Using infrared cameras, we have been able to ensure that many electrical, window, and plumbing problems are clearly identified, and a correct scope of work is created before any work begins.


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What makes us different from other condominium management teams?

Condominium management - the finances, the community, and regulations, and the physical building itself - can be a difficult task.
Brilliant Property uses a variety of tools and technology to allow us to quickly and effectively solve problems