Improper Airbag Replacement

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A fully functioning airbag could be the difference between life and death after an accident.

That’s why improper airbag replacement is perhaps one of the most dangerous car insurance repair frauds that one could possibly encounter. While lawmakers have tried to crackdown on the installation of faulty airbags, it has not stopped auto body repair shops from taking advantage of car owners and insurance companies. Rather than installing a fully-functioning airbag following the deployment of the original, shady auto body repair shops may instead use the following items: Packing peanuts Paper towels Aluminum cans (soda, beer, etc.) Airbags from non-compatible makes and models of cars Untested airbags from junked or salvaged cars Because the average driver doesn’t know how to recognize whether or not they have a fully-functional airbag, this type of car insurance repair fraud is an easy-money maker for shady auto body repair shops.