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Certified Dent Tech

PDR Nation Certifies that Dent Transformer Paintless Dent Repair is Certified Dent Repair and based on Ethics, Accountability, Certification, PDR Skills and Training. It is our window to step up and show the industry that having a certification process in place holds us as dent technicians, accountable for our work and how we conduct ourselves as qualified technicians. It has built a reputation around the PDR industry that shows certification will make you stand out from the competition. Having the certification process we can ensure that technicians prove they have strong Work Ethics, Accountability and the Technical Skills necessary in the PDR industry.

Dent Transformer is one of the only Certified Technicians in Toronto, and one of a few in Ontario. With new technology, metals, aluminum and materials in automobiles being developed more and more each year, training, education and certification is key to having the knowledge to ensure each vehicle is repaired properly. To learn more about PDR Nation and our Certification click read more.

PDR NationCertified Dent Tech

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